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Unleash Retreat

Join us to unleash your inner power and create the life you desire.

Unleash Retreat

7 days

4.500€ / USD $5.000

Unleash Retreat

Embark on a transformative journey at Unleash Retreat, where the chains of stagnation and unfulfillment are left at the door. Here, in a sanctuary designed for your awakening, you stand on the brink of discovery—poised to shatter the invisible boundaries that have held you back. Imagine unlocking the vast reservoirs of potential within you, setting free the dreams and aspirations that have longed for expression. This is your moment to ignite a powerful journey of growth, achievement, and limitless possibility. Join us at Unleash, and step boldly into the life you were meant to live, where every day is a testament to your unbound spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence.


Find Balance

Learn to dissolve work stress, embracing a life where work and joy coexist harmoniously, energizing your every day.

Strengthen Relationships

Acquire skills for navigating relationship stresses, fostering better communication and understanding.

Embrace Healing

Discover support for navigating loss and grief, fostering resilience and finding your way back to joy and acceptance in a nurturing space.

Boost Your Well-being

Experience holistic practices that reduce stress-related health issues, leading to a lighter, more vibrant you.

Financial Calm

Gain tools to shift from financial stress to a mindset of abundance, empowering you with confidence and peace.

Rediscover Your True Self

Dive into the Unleash Retreat and awaken to your true essence, shedding societal and personal constraints. Feel liberated and inspired to pursue life with passion and purpose.

Deepen Connections

Connect deeply with others on this journey, building resilience and a sense of belonging. Surrounded by a supportive community, you'll find strength in shared experiences and mutual encouragement.

Enhance Mental Clarity

Clear mental fog and gain clarity, making decisions that align with your true aspirations. Navigate life with confidence, wisdom, and mindfulness.

Boost Energy and Vitality

Revitalize your spirit and body, embracing each day with renewed energy and enthusiasm. The retreat's activities infuse you with the vitality to achieve your goals and find joy in everyday moments.

Gain Emotional Freedom and Resilience

Heal emotionally, releasing past burdens to embrace inner peace. With newfound resilience, face life's challenges with calm and stability, ready for whatever lies ahead.

Recommended for

Individuals feeling restricted in personal or professional development.

People eager to overcome internal barriers and unlock their potential.

Those seeking a holistic, transformative journey of self-discovery.

Anyone aspiring to create a purposeful, fulfilling life.

Believers in the power of inner strength and self-realization.

Programme Elements

Typical 7 days


Comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Review

1. Personal & Medical Questionnaire: This helps Your Wellness team to identify potential root causes of the areas of imbalance in your life, approaching it from various angles.
2. Vital Signs Check: Essential measurements to monitor your health. This includes blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate.

Comprehensive 360 degree Screening

3. Physical Composition Evaluation
4. Biological Age Estimation
5. Visceral & Subcutaneous Fat Measurement
6. Body Acid/Alkaline Evaluation

Ayurveda Doctor’s Consultations

7. Personalized Ayurvedic Consultation: Begin your retreat with a one-on-one session to understand your health and medical history.
8. Body Type and Dosha Discovery: Identify your natural constitution to tailor your retreat experience.
9. Root Cause Analysis: Dive deep into any imbalances affecting your well-being.
10. Ongoing Health Optimization: Daily assessments to fine-tune your retreat, ensuring it meets your unique needs.
11. Final Health Overview and Future Plan: Conclude with an expert review and a bespoke plan for continuing your wellness journey post-retreat.


12. Consultation with our nutrition expert to discuss any allergies and intolerances.
13. A Personalized Dosha Balancing Ayurveda Menu plan for you to choose from.
14. Daily Natural Alkaline and Immunity boosting shots
15. Especially designed menus to detox and reduce the imbalanced dosha element using nutritionally balanced, alkaline and anti-inflammatory vegetarian meals.


16. Daily Yoga that is particularly designed to stretch, stimulate and enhance the detox pathways.
17. Daily Pranayama session to enhance your breathing capacity and energise cells with vital oxygen.
18. Daily Meditation to relax, re-align and reconnect the physical physiological and psychological body.
19. 1 Session Comprehensive 3 Chakra Assessment to identify the imbalance and plan suitable therapy.
20. 1 Session Hypnotherapy/ EFT/ Mirror Work/ Vision Boards designed to empower you with the necessary tools and mindset for a successful detox journey, leading to a healthier and more balanced life.


21. 3 Relaxing Massages to de-stress and promote relaxation through gentle pouring of oil on the forehead.


22. Daily Educational sessions and workshops on nutrition, ayurveda, holistic wellbeing, yoga, and healthy cooking classes.
  • Self-awareness workshop
  • Understanding Strengths, Recognizing Weaknesses
  • Techniques and Mindsets for Personal Growth
  • Unlocking the Mind's Mastery: Belief, Creativity, and Beyond
  • The Mind's Horizon: Cultivating Creativity and Focus for Personal Evolution
  • Harnessing the Power of the Mind: A Journey from Growth to Mindfulness
  • Mind Over Matter: Cultivating Growth, Creativity, and Inner Peace
  • Healthy Cooking Classes: Practical lessons for nutritious meal preparation.
Please note that certain program elements listed above are exclusive to our 7-night retreat package. For the 3-night program, tailored element 21 is not included. Similarly, in the 5-night program, tailored element 21 is not included.

For inquiries about additional program inclusions for 10 and 14-night stays, please contact us : or call us at 999999999

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