Our Integrative Method

Our journey began with the personal health challenges faced by our founder, Ajit Patel, a visionary who transformed his struggles into a mission to heal others.

3 Chakras

The human body is a complex network of processes and interactions that contribute to our overall health. At Azuska Integrative Wellness Clinic, we focus on rebalancing the “Three Wellness Chakras”: the Physical, the Physiological, and the psychological systems. Each of these plays a pivotal role in our overall wellness and is intrinsically linked with the other two. Balance or equilibrium of all these Three Chakras is key to optimal wellness. When our body’s systems are in balance, our natural self-healing capabilities can function most effectively. We can avoid or mitigate many lifestyle diseases by maintaining this crucial balance.


To Restore the Balance between all the Three Chakras: Most of our programs rely on the “5R” (Relax, Remove, Replenish, Rebuild, and Rebalance) approach coupled with practices that embrace “TEAK” (Therapies, Education, Assessments, and Knowledge) from all of the “MASH” (Modern, Ancient, Scientific and Holistic) heritage.  

However, the process of rebalancing is not a destination but a journey, one dictated by the way you manage your lifestyle at all three levels. So unless you leave our retreat with a clear resolve to change some or all elements of your lifestyle and habits, it is inevitable that sooner or later your body begins the process of reversing back to a state of imbalance.


At Azuska, we believe in empowering individuals to take control of their health. We aim to do this by use of Therapies, Education, Assessments and Knowledge (TEAK).