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Eat Well Retreat

Nourish your body, heal your soul, and find balance with every meal.

Eat Well Retreat

7 days

4.500€ / USD $5.000

Eat Well Retreat

Step into a world where food is not just sustenance, but your pathway to transformation at our Eat Well Retreat. Imagine a place where each meal is tailored to heal, nourish, and revitalize your body, guiding you towards a life of balance and joy. Here, we move beyond the constraints of generic diets, inviting you to a personalized journey of wellness where every bite is a step closer to your healthiest, happiest self. Join us, and let food become your most delightful medicine.


Find Balance

Learn to dissolve work stress, embracing a life where work and joy coexist harmoniously, energizing your every day.

Strengthen Relationships

Acquire skills for navigating relationship stresses, fostering better communication and understanding.

Embrace Healing

Discover support for navigating loss and grief, fostering resilience and finding your way back to joy and acceptance in a nurturing space.

Boost Your Well-being

Experience holistic practices that reduce stress-related health issues, leading to a lighter, more vibrant you.

Financial Calm

Gain tools to shift from financial stress to a mindset of abundance, empowering you with confidence and peace.

Revitalize with Nutritional Richness

Imagine feeding your body with the purest form of nutrition, where every bite is a burst of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Embrace a raw food diet with us and feel the transformative power of nature's bounty, enhancing your health and vitality from the inside out.

Purify Naturally

Step into a world where your diet becomes your detox. With raw foods, embark on a gentle, yet profound cleansing journey, flushing out toxins and renewing every cell in your body. Feel lighter, clearer, and more aligned with your natural state of well-being.

Elevate Your Energy

Leave behind the sluggishness of processed foods and awaken to a life brimming with energy. Raw foods infuse your body with clean, vibrant energy, empowering you to move, live, and breathe with a newfound zest for life.

Sharpen Your Mind

Experience the clarity that comes with a raw food diet, as your mind breaks free from the fog of processed foods. With every raw meal, unlock enhanced focus and mental acuity, enabling you to approach life with a sharper, more engaged mind.

Reset Your Digestive Harmony

Transform your digestive health with the natural fiber and nutrients found in raw foods. Embrace a diet that supports regularity, reduces bloating, and restores balance, setting the foundation for a life of comfort and ease.

Recommended for

Individuals addressing health issues through dietary changes.

Those seeking deeper, practical knowledge in nutrition.

People aspiring to adopt and maintain healthy eating habits.

Anyone interested in personalized nutrition and its impact on specific health concerns.

Those wanting to reconnect with cooking and understand the holistic benefits of a nutritious diet.

Programme Elements

Typical 7 days


Comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Review

1. Personal & Medical Questionnaire: This helps Your Wellness team to identify potential root causes of the areas of imbalance in your life, approaching it from various angles.
2. Vital Signs Check: Essential measurements to monitor your health. This includes blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate.

Comprehensive 360 degree Screening

3. Physical Composition Evaluation
4. Biological Age Estimation
5. Visceral & Subcutaneous Fat Measurement
6. Body Acid/Alkaline Evaluation

Ayurveda Doctor’s Consultations

7. Personalized Ayurvedic Consultation: Begin your retreat with a one-on-one session to understand your health and medical history.
8. Body Type and Dosha Discovery: Identify your natural constitution to tailor your retreat experience.
9. Root Cause Analysis: Dive deep into any imbalances affecting your well-being.
10. Ongoing Health Optimization: Daily assessments to fine-tune your retreat, ensuring it meets your unique needs.
11. Final Health Overview and Future Plan: Conclude with an expert review and a bespoke plan for continuing your wellness journey post-retreat.


12. Consultation with our nutrition expert to discuss any allergies and intolerances.
13. A Personalized Raw Food Menu plan for you to choose from.
14. Personalized nutrition consultation to discuss your food post retreat
15. Meal planning session using food cards to help you create nutritionally balanced meal plans for when you get back home
16. Daily Natural Alkaline and Immunity boosting shots
17. Especially designed menus to detox and reduce the imbalanced dosha element using nutritionally balanced, alkaline and anti-inflammatory vegetarian meals.


18. Daily Yoga that is particularly designed to stretch, stimulate and enhance the detox pathways.
19. Daily Pranayama session to enhance your breathing capacity and energise cells with vital oxygen.
20. Daily Meditation to relax, re-align and reconnect the physical physiological and psychological body.


21. 3 Sessions of Detox Massage that penetrate deeply, nourishes the body, by stimulating lymph flow and encourage the removal of toxins.
22. 2 Sessions of Joint and Flexibility Care to release joint pain, stiffness, and improve flexibility.
23. 2 Relaxing Massages to de-stress and promote relaxation through gentle pouring of oil on the forehead.


Comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Review

35. Daily Educational sessions and workshops on nutrition, ayurveda, holistic wellbeing, yoga, and healthy cooking classes.
  • Understanding the Acid/Alkaline Balance
  • Role of Nutrition in Stress Management
  • Meal Planning Workshop
  • The Liver
  • Ayuveda Treatments & Therapies
  • Benefits of Yoga & Meditation
  • Health Cooking Workshop
  • Low GL Healthy Cooking Classes: Practical lessons for nutritious meal preparation.
  • Alkaline Meals Cooking Class
Please note that certain program elements listed above are exclusive to our 7-night retreat package. For the 3-night program, tailored elements 21-23 and the Limited Eat Well Education Modules are not included. Similarly, in the 5-night program, tailored elements 29-32 are not included.

For inquiries about additional program inclusions for 10 and 14-night stays, please contact us : or call us at 999999999

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